We are food lovers
We are passionate about art
We are cultural minded

We work with our own style
We work towards unique outcomes
We work with focus on the essence

We do not want to be told what to do
We do not please everybody
We do not do everything

We are unique


4 Continents
17 Countries
23 Years of experience
160 Paintings/ drawings
260 Top Chefs interviewed
360 (CHF) is the average price
of our books
640 Restaurants visited
1.200 is the number of our
smallest limited edition
1.300 (CHF) the price of our most
expensive book
1.993 is the year that Opt Art was
6.000 pages with content on
Food, Art and Culture
10.000 is the number of our largest
limited edition
17.000 photo's
300.000 books produced and all
1 Million books = not our goal, but we
aim to remain the no.: 1 in our
field of work.

For you

If you...

Seek for uniqueness
Relate to art, food and culture
Like to work with our style
Appreciate outstanding results

Then we...

Create a unique project for you.

Opt Art AG
Limmatstrasse 123
CH-8005 Zurich, Switzerland